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Hello, I’m Patti, the founder of ROSEKUMO.

The idea of creating ROSEKUMO came in 2018 during a one-year trip in Japan, knitting between cities in various coffee shops or by the river, discovering incredible places, temples and pretty yarn shops where you could knit with nice Japanese ladies. I ended up coming back home with a luggage full of oversized jumpers that became the first drafts of the current collection.

Two years later, here we are! Because I believe that slowing down our way to consume fashion is a necessity, I've chosen not to follow the traditional model of seasonal collections but to focus on creating timeless pieces that transcend fleeting fashion trends and promote more conscious consumption.

Each sweater is meticulously designed and hand-knitted by me in France, using high-quality sustainable yarns, embodying ROSEKUMO commitment to sustainability and authenticity. Crafted to be cherished and worn for years, every piece reflects our dedication to longevity. The entirely manual process ensures the uniqueness of each garment, crafted to endure and become a one-of-a-kind item that will be exclusively yours. ♡